Monday , August 21 2017


The WSDA will be launching a new dog sport open to every dog!

It will have 3 main disciplines –

Scent detection – Active Indications
Scent detection – Passive Indications

Scent detection is the art of finding a specific scent, in this case gun oil and a cannabis replica it is the fun and competitive version of scent detection for narcotics, termites or explosives. The dog must locate a hidden target scent within an area and alert the handler to its location. It is a true partnership sport in which both partners must rely on one another.

Man Trailing
Mantrailing is the scent specific pursuit of one individual’s scent, following skin rafts (shed skin cells) wherever they have been dispersed. The K9’s nose will be down at times and up at other times, acquiring the scent in the best manner possible. Mantrailing is really a combination of tracking and trailing, the K9s uses all the tools at its disposal. The weather, wind and topology will all be determining factors in how a K9 works a trail.

WSDA - The Man Hunt_transparent

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